What is Streets Alive?

Streets Alive temporarily transforms our streets into car-free open spaces for all to freely enjoy.  It encourages healthy, green forms of transportation like walking and biking, brings people together, and helps us visualize innovative ways to use our precious public spaces. Check out 10 Reasons to Support Open Streets for more great reasons.

The mission of our organization Citizens’ Greener Evanston is to make Evanston a more sustainable community; not just environmentally, but also economically and socially. Events such as Streets Alive are a form of cultural acupuncture, intended to gently steer us toward greener, healthier, more community-oriented lifestyles.

Open streets demonstrate the latent demand for safe streets and vibrant public spaces and encourage a culture of walking and biking. These forms of transportation improve our health, reduce harmful emissions that cause asthma and global warming, and create a safer, more vibrant public realm- which in turn encourages more walking and biking!

These kind of event, more commonly known as open streets or ciclovías, are exploding in popularity across the Americas. There are now over 200 open streets worldwide, and over 100 in North America. Check out the open streets project for more information.

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